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October 25 2017


President Donald Trump�s Achievements Record

What Donald Trump has accomplished in much less than the usual yr is truly wonderful. trump news today However you would not understand that if listen the �Main Stream Media�.

How long does one see Optimistic Trump news stay in the headlines? The 5% of stories coverage that isn�t negative�

It�s practically like seeing a capturing star. You will need to be within the correct location at the appropriate time and after that it is more than just as quickly because it commenced.

MAGAPILL was designed to preserve President Trump�s Legacy and also to archive the Trumpism movement�s development toward reaching their supreme goal:

Make The united states Wonderful Once more

If we really don't get it done, who'll? The Trump news list is expanding but there is far more perform to become carried out.

Whenever you see something that ought to be included for the list remember to provide it to our consideration, we will add it. So why is conserving Trump�s achievements so crucial?

There exists one thing that the establishment Republicans, Democrats and the establishment Media all have in typical. They want President Trump to are unsuccessful.
The institution Republicans, who're actually Democrats with an �R-� by their identify, are refusing to employ the MAGA agenda.
The Democrats really do not have an agenda they can say out loud without having obtaining totally turned down so they are merely in impede manner.
The institution Media is becoming a political arm. Each of the journalists have remaining the building and we're left with political operatives telling you how to consider their slanted stories.
trump news today They are trying their toughest to paint an image of failure and catastrophe. We simply cannot let them be successful in carrying out that.
If we really don't seize and archive what is really going on, you might be leaving it as much as the MSM to define Trump�s Presidency and his Legacy.

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